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TIA Portal V16 Siemens- 6ES7822-1AE06-0YS0

by Siemens
Original price €2.340,00
Current price €59,99
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TIA Portal Promotion Package 2020

This was a limited-time promotion to help users working from remote locations. The promotion ended on Sep 30th, 2020.

TIA Portal Promotion Package 2020 Includes:

1) STEP 7 Professional V16

2) STEP 7 Safety Advanced V16, and

3) WinCC Advanced V16;

4) Engineering/Runtime Software; in TIA Portal;

5) PLC simulator;

6) Single License; software, documentation, and license key for download;

A download link will be sent via email, directly from Siemens, in 3- 4 business days.

License is valid until 12.31.2020



Q: Can I renew the software after its expiration date?

A: Yes, but with a normal price which is about 2,340. 


Q: What are the system requirements for the TIA Portal V16? 

A: You can install TIA Portal V16 on any normal computer with Windows 10 64bit installed on it. 


Q: I have not received a downloadable link in my confirmation email - when do I receive that?

A: Within 3-4 business days. The download links will be sent directly from Siemens to your email address. 


Q: Can I install TIA Portal V16 on a Mac?

A: Yes, you can install a "Virtual Machine" on Mac, after that you can install Windows 10 on the Virtual Machine. TIA Portal can then be installed on Windows 10. 

For more info check out the links below: 

Best virtual machine software for Mac


Q: Does the software support the creation of HMI along with the PLC code?

A: Yes, you can use WinCC Advanced V16 which is included in this software package. Using this software, you will be able to create professional HMI graphics, connect it to the PLC programming software (STEP 7 Professional V16) and test everything with the PLC simulator. 


Q: Will I get a PLC simulator? 

A: Yes, when you install TIA Portal V16, a PLC simulator will be installed on your computer automatically as well. The PLC simulator works exactly like a real PLC. 


Q: Do you offer bulk discounts? 

A: Yes, you will 50% off when ordering 10 licenses or more. 


Q: How can I learn PLC programming? 

A: You can check out our course library here. 


Ask a Question
  • I have bought the promotional package received the licesnce, downloaded the ALM now how do i get the software downloads links for S7 Pro,Safety and WinCC V16

    Hey, have you watched this video: we have explained this in full detail there. Let us know if you have more questions! ;)

  • Does the license STEP 7 Basic come with a PLC simulator?

    Yes, STEP 7 Basic comes with a PLC simulator software as well.

  • I have no background in PLC programming and have just bought the promotional TIA software. Is there anyfree training materials on PLC programming that i can use while focused on studying for the next 2 months maybe??

    We have a free easy-to-follow video series on YouTube that can be a good starting point for you. You can check out part 1 here: 
    These videos are based on STEP7 V5.5 but you can easily write and test your program on STEP7 V16 as well.

  • The code you create with this package, I assume gets downloaded to the PLC, correct? And will it run on the PLC AFTER the license has expired? Or do you need a valid license to use the program? Or will a valid license only be needed to make changes to the program? OR?

    Yes, the code will be downloaded to the PLC and it will run on the PLC even after the license expires. 

    When the license expires, if you need to change the code, you need to buy a valid license to be able to use TIA Portal Professional again. 

    I have to add that when you buy a license for TIA Portal Professionalis you will use STEP 7 Professional to program your Siemens PLC (STEP 7 Professional is one of the software you will get when buying TIA Portal Professional).

    STEP 7 Professional is used for programming Siemens S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300 and S7-400. 

    If you only need to program S7-1200 PLCs, you can use STEP 7 Basic. You can order STEP 7 Basic here:

    Also you will get a lifetime access license to STEP 7 Basic when ordering this PLC starter kit:

    I hope this helps. Let us know of any questions! :) 

  • €2300 is a lot of money, do you think that 3 months are enough for us to master TIA v16 programming?

    €2,340 is the price for the profesinal version of TIA Portal. You can also go for the basic version of STEP 7 which is more cost effective (currently €336) or even better, you can buy a starter kit 6ES7212-1BE34-4YB0 (€374). When you buy a PLC starter kit, you will get both the PLC hardware and the software at a discounted price. :) I hope this help. Let us know if you have more questions.

  • Hello, can you please tell me what it means for the licence to be valid until 12.31.2020? Does this mean that I can't use the TIA portal after this date?

    The sharply discounted TIA portal software is indeed valid until the end of the year. After this, the licence has expired and won't be valid any more.

    If you choose to renew the licence, the price will be back to its regular €2.340,00. The reduced price for the promotion package is for customers to get to know and try out this software for a very low fee.

    We hope this helps- please let us know if you have any other questions, and we'll do our best to assist.