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Product Description:

If you are interested in a powerful but inexpensive PLC, you might want to consider the PLCnext Starterkit. Here are a couple of reasons to help you decide to get one:

1) The programming software is free! (You can download it here)

2) In addition to typical PLC programming languages such as ladder logic, function block diagram, and structured text, you can also use other PLC programming languages such as Python, C++, and Java amongst many others.

Watch this easy-to-follow video to learn more about the PLCnext starter kit. 

Here is what you get when ordering PLCnext starterkit:

  • PLCnext Control AXC F 2152. This is the CPU or the brain of the system! ;)
  • 3 I/O modules including a digital input module with 16 inputs, a digital output module with 16 output and an analog input module with 4 inputs.
  • Slide potentiometer,
  • Push buttons,
  • Power supply unit,
  • Proficloud license,
  • and patch cables.

Feel free to use the section below to ask us any questions about the PLCnext starter kit. 


PDF Technical Info PDF Download "PLCnext Engineer"


Ask a Question
  • Hi there, Is the any type of Human Machine Interface (HMI) that I can use with this starter kit?

    Hi there, PLCnext Engineer has a built-in HMI creation function. Together with the Starterkit, you can change any laptop or computer into an HMI.

  • Does this kit come with an SD card?

    No! :) The SD card should be purchased separately if needed.

  • Do you have a PLC training course suitable for plcNext kit 1188165

    Hi Abdul,

    We have two full course series on the PLCnext Starter Kit, created in collaboration with Phoenix Contact. Completing this course series will grant you an official Phoenix Contact Certificate.

    One course (PLCnext Starterkit Configuration and Programming Basics) is completely free, and the other (PLCnext Ladder Logic Programming for Beginners) can be completed with a Pro Membership. You can register for our Pro Membership over here

    In addition to that, we have a four part course series on the PLCnext Starter Kit on our YouTube channel, you can check that out over here

  • Hello, Where can I download PLCnext Engineer? I cannot find the download link anywhere on the PLCNext Starterkit site. Thank you Leng

    Hi there, 

    You can download it here:

    Hope that helps! :) 

  • Hello , what about VAT? I would buy to my Company with VAT registation in czech republic. Is Reverse Charge Mechanism applied?

    Hi there, Yes! When you add the product to your card, there will be a pop up on the top where you will be asked "Are you a business?". Check that box and you will be provided with a form to validate you VAT. When your VAT number is validated, you will not be charged VAT on the check out anymore! ;)

  • What´s the difference between this Kit and the Starter kit - AXC F 2152 STARTERKIT - 1046568? They look the same, but the price is so much lower.

    That starter kit has some additional modules and also input and output devices. That's why it's priced higher.

  • Can you buy an analog output module for this plc? Would it work on Windows 8?

    Yes, Analog output modules are available

    AXL SE AO4 I 4-20 – 1088123 (4 x 4-20mA outputs)

    AXL SE AO4 U 0-10 – 1088126 (4 x 0-10V outputs)

    OS requirement is Windows 10. (See below)

  • Does the software run on chromebooks?

    Thanks for your question! No, PLCNEXT Engineer runs in a Windows 10 environment. Hope this helps :).

  • Is delivery to Slovenia possible?

    Yes, delivery to Slovenia is possible! :) We currently ship the PLCnext starterkit free of charge for these regions: EU, Canada and UAE. 

  • Is delivery to Australia possible?

    Yes, delivery to Australia is possible! We're currently shipping the PLCnext starterkit free of charge for these regions as well:  EU, USA, Canada, UAE.

  • I am an electrician and work primarily new construction/industrial installations. I am wanting to expand my career and get into plc programming, as well as become a more "well rounded" electrician by understanding what the function of conductors are providing after installing the raceway, pulling in the cable, & terminating the conductors. I am not certain where to start. I've been around Allen Bradley PLC's the most, & realize their are many brands out there. I also run an older Mac computer & was planning on buying a windows laptop for plc tutorials. Is this phoenix plc starter a good place to start? What about siemens, or allen bradley? Will I need to further buy their "starter kit" in the future to learn their processors??

    Hi! We think you can’t really go wrong by purchasing the Starterkit. Unlike kits from other vendors, the PLCNEXT Engineer programming software is free. The PLC programs of the vendors you mention all use Ladder Logic, Function Block, and other languages to create the programs for their processors. PLCNEXT Engineer uses the exact same languages. As a “Sparky”, you’ll likely feel right at home with Ladder Logic.

    There are certainly differences between the vendors and their programming, but at the end of the day, if you are proficient with one of the vendor programs, it doesn’t take long to catch on to the others.

    Hope this helps! :)

  • Does it come with the back board with the din rail?

    Yes, it does. Check out our blog post that describes what you get and how to assemble the starter kit.

  • Is delivery to Poland possible?

    Hi there, yes that's certainly possible! You can enter the delivery address during the check out. Hope this helps!

  • How many separate functions will this PLCnext starter kit control?

    Hi there, there is capacity for 16 separate discrete input and output devices. The kit has 4 pre-wired inputs connected to push button switches leaving users with 12 additional inputs for use.

    The output module has no pre-wired devices therefore all 16 outputs are available for use.

  • Hello, Please is the PLC starter kit a SIMATIC S7 family? Secondly, is it possible to get an I/O module in event of damage? Also, can one fix a digital output module on slot 3 for control of discreet devices? Finally, can one convert a software program from LAD to C++, and to STL or else? Thank you.

    Hi there, not the PLC Starter Kit is not related to Simatic S7. In an event of damage, the warrenty works like any other product. If the I/O doesn't work from the get go it will be replaced, when it is damage not related to the system you would have to order a new one.

    Regarding your question about digital output module; yes, any one of several Phoenix modules can be added.

    To answer your last question; no, I am afraid that we currently have no tools to do this. Any porting between languages would need to be done manually (sorry)

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