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Due to the large volume of incoming orders and the current global chip shortage, it takes anywhere between 5 to 6 months for your PLC starter kit to be shipped.
We know this sucks and unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. However, you can put your order on priority by pre-ordering your starter kit now.

Product Description:

You will get the Lifetime access to STEP7 Basic when buying this starter kit! 

SIMATIC S7-1200, starter kit

Consisting of:

CPU 1212C AC/DC/relay,

input simulator,

STEP 7 Basic lifetime access license (this is the PLC programming software :))

manual CD,


S7-1200 Basic Runtime license Systainer

This is the new version for the old starter kit with this part number: 6ES7212-1BD34-4YB0. :) 


PDF Technical info


: 04042948793404


: SIMATIC S7-1200, starter kit Consis

Key Features

  • SIMATIC S7-1200, starter kit
  • CPU 1212C AC/DC/relay
  • input simulator
  • STEP 7 Basic V16 lifetime access license
  • manual CD
  • S7-1200 Basic Runtime license Systainer
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• SIMATIC S7-1200 Starter Kits make it quick and easy to implement simple automation tasks

• Allow flexible and efficient implementation of different tasks, from engineering with the TIA Portal, to the integration of HMI Panels, all the way to solutions for fail-safe applications.

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Ask a Question
  • Hi. Excelent offer. Does the kit come with pussbuttons to be installed? Other question is that I have managed Siemens s7- 1200 with TIA v15.3 Does my projects run on the kit you are offering? Thanks.

    Pushbuttons are not included, but an eight-channel digital input simulation card is included in the kit. These are toggle switches. I believe that is what you were referring to. And yes, TIA Portal v15.3 can be used with this hardware, although a later version of TIA Portal Basic is included in the Starter Kit.

    Hope this helps! If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach back out - we're more than happy to help!

  • Hi with this kit can I do all the siemens related courses on your website? I'm hoping to compete everything you offer within this year.

    Yes! The S7-1200 Starter Kits are an excellent way to learn and practice programming with Siemens CPU’s. Even the course modules that use STEP7 v5.6 can be completed with the TIA Portal version and simulator provided by the Starter Kit. In some cases, you will need to choose a different PLC, but the example programs can be completed independent of the CPU chosen. As always, if you have any trouble or need help with any program, you can simply ask the question in the comment area of the course and we will respond to your inquiry.

  • What is the difference between a STEP7 Basic and Professional software

    TIA Portal (STEP7) Basic can only be used to program S7-1200 CPUs and Basic HMI Panels. TIA Portal (STEP7) Professional supports the full range of Siemens CPUs, including S7-300/S7-400 and S7-1200/S7-1500 series CPUs.

  • does this come with a power suply? if no can you recoment one?

    This starter kit requires A/C power. Simply purchase a power “pigtail” cord at a hardware store or online, then strip and connect the pigtail ends on the PLC. 

  • Does this CPU have OPC UA server in it? Or is the firmware upgrade possible to 4.4 and up?

    Yes, it does come with the OPC UA server and license. It is possible to upgrade the firmware to version 4.4.

  • Is the Starter Kit using a Floating License? If yes, how long will it expire? Thanks

    Yes, the included STEP 7 Basic software is a floating license, with a lifetime access.

  • Does this Starter Kit (Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 starter kit - 6ES7212-1BE34-4YB0) includes external DI/DO or only the ones built-in on the CPU? Thanks

    The starter kit only has the eight 24VDC DI points and 6 relay DO points built into the CPU chassis.

    Additional I/O modules are available on our MarketPlace, search for 6ES7222 for compatible DO cards and 6ES7223 for compatible DI cards.

  • Does this kit includes an HMI or Touch Panel? If included, what is the model number? Thanks

    Hi Steve,

    No, the starter kit at the link you sent does not come with an HMI. You will need to consider one of the following to receive an HMI with the starter kit:

    4-inch touchscreen (KTP-400):

    7-inch touchscreen (KTP-700):

    Hope this helsp!

  • Can S7-1200 be used to program and run S7-200CN?

    S7-1200 CPU’s are programmed with TIA Portal Basic. This software cannot be used with S7-200 CPUs.

    To program an S7-200 CPU, you will need S7-MicroWIN v.4.0 SP9. This program is available for download from the Siemens Support website

  • does it work on Mac m1?

    Hi there, no, unless you are able to run Windows 10 on your Mac. Hope this helps! :)

  • Can you add on an extra io card to the S7 1200 with the basic software and will it work? E6S7 223-1PL32-OXBO

    Yes, you can. Any S7-1200 I/O card can be used with the S7-1200 PLC. Other remote I/O systems can be used as well as lpong as they have a Profinet interface and are available in the S7-1200 hardware catalog.

  • Is Windows 10 compatible with this?

    Yes, it is as long as it has 64-bit. Hope this helps! :)

  • Can you explain what Basic Runtime license Systainer means with the starter kit Simatic S7-1200 PLC Starter kit - - 6ES7212-1BE34-4YB0?

    Systainer is the hard-shell case that is used to ship and store the hardware that comes with the starter kit. The Basic Runtime license provided with this starter kit refers to OPC UA communication to/from the S7-1200. Hope this helps!

  • How does the step 7 basic differ from the TIA portal, and can I effectively use the TIA portal after learning the step 7 basic?

    The short answer is, YES! STEP 7 includes a set of subprograms. One of these subprograms is PLCSIM (PLC Simulator). TIA Portal is a software that is used to manage the STEP 7 subprograms. 
    When you install STEP 7 Basic, TIA Portal will be installed on your computer as well. 
    So STEP 7 is the software that you use for programming S7 PLCs. 
    TIA Portal is the software that you use to "manage" the subprograms of STEP 7! ;)

  • Is this PLC compatible with TIA portal v14? and is it possible to buy just the PLC by itself without the extra software?

    Yes, TIA Portal v14 can be used to program an S7-1212C. The part number for just the PLC is 6AG1212-1BE40-4XB0 and the price is €327,00. This is not much less than the whole starter kit. Hope this helps :)!

  • Can I connect load cell with it?

    Hi there, this starter kit comes with an S7--1212C CPU that has 2 0-10VDC Analog Inputs. As long as the weigh scale transmitter has a 0-10VDC analog signal available, the answer is yes. If not, there are a host of low-cost signal converters (like 4-20ma to 0-10VDC) to provide the required signal.

    Please bear in mind that I mentioned "weigh scale transmitter"; it is not possible to bring the signal from a single load cell into a PLC. Load cells signals are in millivolts and require a summing box and transmitter to be suitable for input to a PLC.

    Hope this helps!

  • Can this kit be used to learn how to program a Profinet controller?

    Hi there, yes there is a built-in Profinet port on the CPU included with every S7-1200 starter kit model. Hope this answers your question, let us know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Which Windows do we need on our laptop for this software? Would Windows 10 and 7 be oke for this software?

    It does work on Windows 7, but must be Windows 7 (64-bit): Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, Windows 7 Professional SP1, Windows 7 Enterprise SP1, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. Hope this answers your question :)!

  • how much is this product in US dollars?

    The price for this PLC starter kit is currently €374,00 which is about $430! :)

  • Hi, I would like to know how long the licence included in this kit is available? Is it this kit recommended for beginners? Thanks

    The STEP 7 Basic software included in the starter kit has an unlimited availability. This would indeed be a great starter kit for beginners.

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