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Due to the large volume of incoming orders and the current global chip shortage, it takes anywhere between 5 to 6 months for your PLC starter kit to be shipped.
We know this sucks and unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. However, you can put your order on priority by pre-ordering your starter kit now.

Product Description:

S7-1200 PLC +KTP700 Basic HMI starter kit Consisting of:

CPU 1212C AC/DC/relay, 

HMI KTP700 Basic,

input simulator,

STEP 7 Basic PLC programming software (lifetime access)

manual CD,


S7-1200 Basic Runtime license Systainer


PDF Technical info


: 04042948793411


: S7-1200+KTP700 Basic starter kit Co

Key Features

  • S7-1200 PLC +KTP700 Basic HMI starter kit Consisting of
  • CPU 1212C AC/DC/relay, 
  • HMI KTP700 Basic
  • input simulator
  • STEP 7 Basic PLC programming software (lifetime access license)
  • manual CD
  • S7-1200 Basic Runtime license Systainer
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• SIMATIC S7-1200 Starter Kits make it quick and easy to implement simple automation tasks

• Allow flexible and efficient implementation of different tasks, from engineering with the TIA Portal, to the integration of HMI Panels, all the way to solutions for fail-safe applications.

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Ask a Question
  • Hi, The STEP 7 Basic PLC programming software (lifetime access license) comes with a PlcSim, that you can simulate program without the module S7-1200 PLC.

    Hi there, 

    Yes, the S7-PLCSIM software simulates the S7-1200 PLC without needing to have hardware available.

  • Hi, can this product help me to understand the PID control logic scheme used in todays process industry (specially in the Hydro power Turbine Governor application). Can we simulate the Modbus slave data collection and show the data in the data in the HMI.

    Yes, PID control logic can definitely be learned and understood using this starter kit. We have a course at that shows you exactly how to do that. The PID block is configured and simple simulation program is written to test view loop dynamics in this course.

    For the second part of your question, while the S7-1200 does not have a Modbus interface, you can generate whatever data you need and display in on the HMI. WinCC basic comes with the software and can be connected to data from the physical PLC or PLC simulator.

  • Hi, with TIA PORTAL V16 is it possible to connect to older systems such as S7 200 and S7 300? Thank you

    Hi Juan, 

    Yes, but not with TIA Portal Basic as is provided in the starter kit you referenced.

    You will need the professional version to connect to S7-300 and S7-400 (as well as S7-1500) CPU’s. You can find that over here

    For S7-200 CPUs you need STEP7/MicroWIN (free):


  • How many 4-20mA inputs does this kit have. If not what other components do I need to be able to work with 4-20mA so can order right away

    The starter kit CPU has two Analog Inputs. Both are 0-10VC inputs, perfect for a potentiometer input:

    You can do one of two things for a 4-20ma input:

    1. Use a 500-ohm resistor across the (+) and (-) terminals of the 4-20ma input. This will create a 2 – 10VDC input that can be scaled for 2V at 0% and 10V @ 100%.
    2. Purchase a 4-20ma analog input card, you can do so over here:
    Hope this helps!

  • Does this kit now ship with TIA portal Basic V17 (released May 2021)? Does it have lifetime access? How long to ship to the UK? Thanks

    Hi there, 

    This starter kit currently still includes the TIA Portal Basic V16, and it is indeed a lifetime access license. Shipment to the UK usually takes around 5-7 business days. 

    Hope this helps! 

  • Does WinCC license to simulate/animate my program in HMI panel included in this starter kit? How many days to deliver in Western Australia? Thanks again

    The TIA Portal Basic software can be used to program the S7-1212C and to program/simulate a WinCC Basic Panel. Shipment to Australia usually takes between 2-3 weeks. Hope this helps!

  • How many ethernet port in this CPU to be connected with HMI panel and laptop? Because I have AC/DC/RLY CPU with only 1 ethernet port for laptop connection only. Thanks!

    If you use a network switch, it is possible to connect as many devices as the network switch has ports. You connect the one port of the S7-1212C to the network switch, and you connect additional devices to the other ports. You will need to know how to find and configure the IP addresses for each devices so that they can talk to one another.

  • This include the software to programming the HMI? and the cable to connect the plc to my computer? Run in windows 8? Thanks

    Hi there, this starter kit comes with the programming software and cable you will need to program the included PLC. Currently, this starter kit is shipping with TIA Portal Basic v16, which is not compatible with Windows 8. It is compatible with most versions of Windows 7 and 10, 64-bit versions only. You would need to go back to TIA Portal v14 for Windows 8 compatibility, and again, only with the 64-bit versions. Hope this helps!

  • Does this kit come with the PLCSim software package with the license, and what revision level is the software - V15? V16?

    Yes! You will get lifetime access to STEP 7 Basic V16 when ordering this starter kit. PLCSIM V16 will be installed automatically when you install STEP 7 Basic.

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