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Create clear and easy-to-follow technical videos that inspire the Masses

We have created hundreds of videos on topics related to industrial automation, and PLC programming over the past few years and we know exactly what differentiates a normal video from a high-quality, clear ad easy-to-follow video that can wow the viewer. 

This is an example: 

We have been asked numerous times by industrial automation manufacturers and wholesalers like you to create custom videos about their products, so we decided to add this service to our offerings.

Here is what you get when you order this service:

  1. A 6 to 8 minutes clear, and easy-to-follow animated video about your product.
  2. Uploading and promoting the video on our YouTube channel with more than 700K engaged subscribers. 
  3. Adding your product to our marketplace.
  4. Publishing the video as an article on our blog and linking back to your website. Here is an example:
  5. Emailing our list with a link to the article (more than 25K automation engineers)
  6. Publishing the video on our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram pages. 

Here is the behind-the-scenes breakdown of our simple video creation process: 

Step 1: Uncover

We’ll send you some simple questions to get some initial information about your product or topic. Next, we’ll schedule a kickoff call with you and your team. From there, we’ll start to dig deeper to learn more about your product and try to uncover everything that we need to know about it. Our instructors have more than 20 years of experience working in the industrial automation industry and have already helped to create hundreds of videos so it’s easy for them to learn and determine what exactly your audience needs to know about your product. 

Step 2: Scripting

Now that we have a deep understanding of your product, we’ll turn it into a clear, easy-to-understand, and engaging script. We’ve got the know-how and experience to explain complex concepts into easy-to-understand scripts that stick, but we’ll tailor our writing to your product’s unique needs. The scripts will be reviewed several times by our instructors and also other automation engineers on our team to make sure that the final version can be used as the foundation for a clear and easy-to-follow video. Once we’re done with the script, we’ll send it your way to get your approval. 

Step 3: Storyboarding

After developing the script, our automation engineers start developing the storyboard. At this stage, we dive into the smallest details of how we should illustrate and animate what we have in the script. We make sure that every sentence of the script is demonstrated in a very clear and simple to understand format. We look at every section from the viewer’s perspective and try to remove anything that may create confusion. After the storyboard is done, it will be reviewed once with our content manager to make sure that the storyboard is technically correct and also all of the RealPars standards are considered. At the final stage, the storyboard will also go under extensive review by the head of content. 

Step 4: Audio Recording

Our talented voice-over, will record and edit the audio with a clear and easy-to-understand tone. He has been working as a voice-over talent for technical videos for several years now so he knows the exact tone and format that helps the viewer to better understand the video. After the audio is recorded, it will be reviewed by one of the automation engineers to make sure everything is recorded properly and we have the right pronunciation for all of the technical words in the script. 

Step 5: Illustration + Animation + Sound Design

This is the stage where we bring your video to life. Here our automation engineers work closely with the illustrators and animators to design all the required details of the storyboard in a clear format. Once the video is ready, it will be reviewed several times by the content manager, the instructor, and also the head of content to make sure that all details are considered and we have a high-quality and engaging video that meets the RealPars standards. Once the final version is ready we’ll send it to you to get your final approval.  

Step 6: Promoting the Video

When the final version is ready, we’ll post the video on our YouTube channel and promote it on our blog, email list, and other social media channels to get maximum exposure. We’ll also add your product to our marketplace in case anyone decides to place an order for your product after watching the video. A copy of the original video file will be delivered to you so that you can use it as your sales and marketing asset. 

This is the process that makes sure you can get the quality product videos that you deserve without any hassles and communication issues. Place your order now and let’s start creating a high-quality and easy-to-follow video that is loved by your customers. We’re good at this. We have created more than 700 videos on industrial automation-related topics to date. ;)    


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